General Injury Case Lawsuit Financing

Most of our litigation funding requests involve an injury in some type of accident. An injury caused by negligence of another can have devastating, life changing effects. Victims may experience severe injuries and disabilities, significant, unaffordable medical expenses, disability from work or future loss of earning capacity. They often have difficulty paying for the basic necessities of life, mortgage payments, car payments, rent, groceries, education. They may be in physical and emotional distress. You have a terrific lawyer (if you don’t have an attorney, Lawsuit Financial’s trial lawyer CEO, Mark M. Bello, can refer you to the best in the industry, nationwide) and a great case; what you don’t have is time. Lawsuits can take years to resolve; Lawsuit Financial was born years ago (we have more combined legal and legal funding experience than anyone in this industry) to bridge this gap. Many have followed us into this field, but few perform with the professionalism, speed, compassion and accuracy as Lawsuit Financial. We will, if at all possible, get you the lawsuit money you need and you only pay us back if you win your case. If you lose, you keep our money, free of charge. We do something even your attorney can’t do: We guarantee a recovery in your case because even if you lose, you keep the lawsuit cash we gave you.

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