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30-year veteran offering complimentary service to fulfill a need in litigation funding community

Southfield, MI – March 26, 2008 – Lawsuit Financial Corporation (, a leading litigation funding company, today announced a complimentary consulting service aimed at plaintiffs and trial attorneys involved in pending litigation to help them understand when litigation funding is the best choice.

Litigation funding is available to take financial pressure off litigation plaintiffs and attorneys by providing a cash advance, allowing a case to proceed through the legal process without pressure to settle early to ensure a case results in a settlement both client and attorney deserve. The availability and cost of funding is based upon case strength and strategic timing. Mark Bello, owner and founder of Lawsuit Financial and a 30-year trial lawyer veteran, is available to plaintiffs and attorneys to discuss whether litigation funding is the right fit for them and their case. When litigation funding is the correct course of action, and all parties agree to move forward, Lawsuit Financial offers funding options to attorneys and plaintiffs.

“I really enjoy working with attorneys and plaintiffs to help them to better understand when litigation funding is the right choice for them – and when it isn’t,” stated Mark Bello. “When used correctly, litigation funding can help level the playing field during litigation. There are trial attorneys who understand the full importance of using a litigation funding company, but many are still learning the strategic nature in which funding can assist at vital times during the litigation process. My goal is for attorneys to see me as a trusted consultant they can come to when in need of funding, or just to discuss if it is a good option for them, to ensure that both attorney and client achieve the result they deserve.”

Mark Bello has 36 years experience as a trial lawyer and 14 years as an underwriter and situational analyst in the litigation funding industry. He founded Lawsuit Financial in 1998 and now puts his efforts into delivering consulting services and lawsuit funding during the litigation process, pre and post trial, to ensure that focus is on the pending case and not on financial responsibilities.

About Lawsuit Financial Lawsuit Financial ( has been in business for 14 years and specializes in delivering lawsuit funding during the pre-settlement stage of trial so plaintiffs can focus on their pending case – not their financial responsibilities. Lawsuit Financial will fund many types of litigation including malpractice, personal injury, product liability, wrongful death, auto accident, employment and commercial suits, among others. Some of the expenses Lawsuit Financial funds include litigation costs, structured settlement, expert witness fees, pending attorney fees, living expenses, medical bills, and mortgage payments.

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