Products Liability/Toxic Chemicals

While there are thousands of serious injuries from defective products or toxic chemicals and other toxic substances every year, product manufacturers will only offer safety improvements after they are faced with a significant volume of product liability lawsuits. Sometimes, especially with toxic chemical abuses, whole communities are victims (groundwater contamination, lead paint, benzine, and asbestos poisoning are examples). Product liability lawsuits provide victims with compensation for death or injuries suffered while using a defective product. Medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering (and, in some states, large punishment damages for reckless disregard for public safety) are all available to victims, however, these lawsuits are very complicated, hotly contested, and can take years to resolve. Time is your enemy if you are disabled as the result of a faulty product. You can’t work, bills pile up, important obligations are neglected. Isn’t it bad enough that you have been seriously injured or disabled through no fault of your own? Lawsuit Financial can assist with legal financial assistance throughout the litigation process. If you need a lawyer, we will find you an expert no matter what State you are in. Lawsuit Financial lawsuit cash advances help you even the odds; the money gives you legal staying power to fight powerful manufacturers and insurance companies and achieve the best possible result without worrying about your bills.

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