Spinal Cord Injuries

HAVE YOU OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER BEEN DEVASTATED PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND FINANCIALLY BY A SPINAL CORD INJURY? WOULD A LAWSUIT CASH ADVANCE BE OF ASSISTANCE TO YOU?  Spinal cord injuries often result in full or partial paralysis.  These injuries have severe physical and emotional effects. Vehicle accidents, gun shots, sports injuries, falls and industrial accidents make up most of the cases in this category. There are different severity's of spinal cord injuries and a multitude of treatment options available to victims. These injuries almost always cause total disability and can cause extreme financial distress.  Lawsuit Financial’s CEO, former trial lawyer, Mark M. Bello handled several of these cases as a practicing attorney and knows the physical, emotional and financial toll these injuries and cases can have on a victim and his/her family. 

Special lawsuit finance options are available to spinal cord injury victims and Mr. Bello wants to speak to each of you, personally. Contact us online or call 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) and ask to speak to Mark.  He will provide his legal and financial expertise to assist victims with necessities of life legal funding, spread out over the life of the lawsuit  so that the victim and family get every lawsuit dime they have coming.

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