Train Accidents (FELA)

Railroad companies are held to the highest standard of liability in train accident cases. Railroads are categorized as common carriers and, as such, are regulated by Federal and State statutes and regulations. The slightest negligence is all that is required to hold a rail carrier liable for injuries suffered in a rail accident.  This is a very specialized area of the law and Lawsuit Financial strongly recommends that you retain an attorney who has substantial experience in this limited area of the law.  If you need a referral to an experienced railroad accident attorney, call our CEO, Mark M. Bello, personally.  Mark has practiced law for over 36 years and will assist you in finding the right specialist for your case.  Lawsuit Financial will also do everything in its power to assist you financially; after appropriate underwriting and, hopefully, approval, Lawsuit Financial will tend to your lawsuit financing needs with advances as necessary during the term of the case. 

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