Why Plaintiffs and Attorneys Need Lawsuit Funding

Seriously injured accident victims are often disabled for long periods of time. Any period of disability, long or short term, can result in financial distress. The plaintiff/victim has trouble paying his/her mortgage, rent, or other living expenses; he/she is facing a mountain of medical expenses while waiting for the outcome of the legal process. If they try their case and win, they may not receive their well-deserved compensation for months or years. Likewise, the attorney can face cash-flow issues during and after pursuit of a difficult case. Powerful insurance companies deliberately prolong the legal process, in an attempt to force an inferior settlement on those plaintiffs who cannot wait out the legal process. A Lawsuit Financial cash advance levels the playing field, gives you time to wait out the process, and will often result in additional case proceeds for you, additional attorney fees for your attorney and a nice profit for Lawsuit Financial. We call this the win-win-win scenario! Apply right now, on line. With attorney cooperation, Lawsuit Financial can decide whether to fund your case within 24 hours.

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